A Ilha Desabitada - Nova grande produção Russa


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    A Ilha Desabitada - Nova grande produção Russa Empty A Ilha Desabitada - Nova grande produção Russa

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    Year 2157. The Noon of Humanity. Armed with the great theory of enlightenment the people of Earth forgot wars, famine and terrorism. Nature regenerated. Medicine triumphed over disease, and science unlocked the hidden resources of the human body. People from the Earth explore distant planets. New generations of earthlings are brave, strong, and naïve.

    The story of Inhabited Island begins when the spacecraft of a 20-years old student Maxim Kammerer makes a crash-landing on the planet Saraksh. Maxim finds himself in the world that is totally opposite to the Earth. Saraksh just went through the nuclear war. The planet is divided into several states, which are on the verge of new wars. The country that Maxim finds himself in is ruled by the group of dictators the Unknown fathers - who control the population through the system of emitting towers.

    For Maxim this sorry planet becomes the place where he finds his first real friend and first great love. He would become a soldier, a revolutionary, a prisoner and an outcast. And he would have to make a choice: should he try and save this planet, or just leave it to its fate?


    DVD: 4678237/OBITAEMY_OSTROV_DVD_9_rus

    Nota: O filme é uma história de 2 partes, ainda só saiu a 1ª, espera-se a 2 ainda este ano.

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